7 ways to exercise for expectant mothers

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7 ways to exercise for expectant mothers

With the belief of many Thai people, they are afraid that pregnant people will have miscarriages. Therefore urged pregnant women to sit still, do not have to get up to do much. But in fact, mothers who are pregnant can exercise. Just choose the type of exercise. and with the appropriate amount of force used What can you do? ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com Health has answers.

1. Yoga

Helps mothers to relax, concentrate, strengthen the body’s muscles. and increase flexibility It can help reduce the pain of childbirth as well.

2. Swimming

because water helps support the body moving organs It can be done softly, reducing the impact or tearing of the muscles almost 100% because swimming is still used as an exercise for young children. and the elderly as well And let me tell you, the muscles you build from swimming are stronger, fitter and firmer than you think.

3. Aerobics

A mother who used to dance aerobics on a regular basis I can still dance without any problem. Trying to choose a basic position that doesn’t focus much on the stomach Or dance in the rhythm of the music, not too fast, get tired, take a rest, or don’t have to reach the size of the T25, just lift your arms, raise your legs, turn your waist slowly, and hold dumbbells for a kilo or two is enough.

4. Cycling

Let me emphasize that it’s a fitness bike only. Don’t grab a mountain bike lately. hipster bike Or even a housewife’s bicycle to pay for the market and come out to ride. Because no matter how hard you ride your bike have the right to stumble over the bike and fall But if you want to exercise your legs You can ride a bike in the gym. Absolutely guaranteed safety or if anyone is not a fitness member You can lie down and ride a bicycle in the air on the mattress.

5. lifting weights

It is only recommended for mothers who exercised regularly before pregnancy. It’s not that I’ve never lifted weights, but suddenly after pregnancy, I walked around lifting weights like that. In fact, you can try lifting weights with light weights, but if anyone has never lifted weights before. I’d recommend picking up dumbbells to play first. But even so, lifting weights helps mothers to have strong muscles, easy childbirth and faster recovery.

6. Take a walk

This is a simple method. get many benefits And it’s also suitable for mothers who normally don’t get much exercise anyway. Try walking half a kilometer. Like a girl with long steps, straight back, looking straight ahead, she can just walk or take her dog for a walk. Guarantee that you can exercise with a little sweat. good circulation of blood help digestion And most importantly, the mood is much better anyway. The more you walk in the morning or in the evening will be even better

7. Dance

dance mother and have dancing hands Try playing your favorite song. then bring your father to open the dance floor in the house should choose a pace that is not too fast Shaking doesn’t have to be strong. Or where does Watwian seem to be competing? just enough to step on foot or turning lightly is enough, in addition to exercising Have relaxed listening to music. Still smiling and laughing and has strengthened family ties even further