Exercise not recommend for pregnant women

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Exercise not recommend for pregnant women

1. run

I want you to stop running for now. Because the size of the stomach and chest size may obstacle to running. In addition, the impact. While running may cause the body to be affected. Importantly, there may still be an accident if you are not careful.

2. All kinds of exercises that are afraid of the abdomen. or too extreme

Either sit-ups, arched bridges, or six highs, cartwheel somersaults. These can be dangerous if the abdominal contraction is excessive. and may be exercising incorrectly injure

3. All types of sports that require running. and too extreme

Tennis, rock climbing, surf board, anything that requires some skill to play. may miss while playing until causing injury

Things to keep in between while pregnant women exercise

– If there are abnormal symptoms such as fainting, dizziness or bleeding around the vagina immediately stop exercising and see a doctor

– Drink lots of water.

– During the 6th-7th month of pregnancy onwards, exercise that builds muscle should be avoided. and that focuses on the spine, lumbar region first and reduces the level of exercise to be lighter because it starts at an important period before birth

– during exercise Choose to wear clothes that help support your chest and abdomen. Including the fabric must be well ventilated.

However, for new mothers before exercise Consult with the doctor who performed the antenatal care for a bit. in order to find the exercise method that best suits us. Because if your body is not as strong as other mothers may not able to exercise at all as well

With the belief of many Thai people, they are afraid that pregnant people will have miscarriages. Therefore urged pregnant women to sit still, do not have to get up to do much. But in fact, mothers who are pregnant can exercise. Just choose the type of exercise. and with the appropriate amount of force used What can you do? โปรโมชั่น ufabet has answers.