“Fried insects” are delicious and beneficial

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Going back 10 years, if anyone ate fried insects, they might be considered strange, disgusting, or even completely opposed to eating insects. But nowadays we can see shops selling fried insects along the roadsides. And it’s not cheap either.

Even though the appearance is not very appetizing But I can guarantee that if you eat it, you will like it. It is also rich in nutritional value. Therefore, many people are so addicted to the taste of fried insects that they can’t give up. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

5 amazing benefits of “fried insects”

1. High protein. Just 100 grams of raw insects has 9-65 grams of protein. It depends on the type of insect you eat. Insects that provide the most protein are: Patanga locusts and oily bugs. The protein obtained from insects is similar to the protein obtained from 1 chicken egg or 100 grams of ground pork or chicken meat. But silkworms are the insects that have the most good quality protein.

2. Helps reduce cholesterol Do you believe that insects contain chitin? When chitin is digested until a portion becomes chitosan, both chitin and chitosan can bind with fat. And it makes our cholesterol levels drop incredibly.

3. Helps fight yeast infections in the digestive tract. It is a product of chitin. and chitosan as well

4. Insects are a good, inexpensive food source for people living in remote areas. There is even a report from the United Nations World Food Organization (FAO) about “edible insects. It is the future hope for food and feed security.”

5. In addition to high protein It’s easy to make a living now. It is also rich in many other minerals, including mineral salts such as phosphorus, potassium, and B vitamins.

Precautions for eating fried insects

Although fried insects are delicious to Thai people’s tastes, and many foreigners But fried insects have some precautions to take when eating them, just like any other food.

1. Although insects contain chitin, as mentioned above, it helps reduce cholesterol levels in the body. But if fried with oil Insects absorb a lot of the oil. until the fried insects are doubled in fat And of course, most of it is fat that is not good for the body. That comes from low quality animal oil. And use it to fry over and over again by the seller.

2. Chitin and chitosan are good. It can harm our body if we eat too much fried insects. Because when these 2 things go into the fat in the body May interfere with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, and E, as well as mineral salts. And in the long run, it may cause a defect in calcium absorption as well.

3. People who should not eat fried insect Or you shouldn’t eat too much fried insects, including:

– Patients with allergies and asthma who may be allergic to insect ingredients. Until an allergic reaction occurs and may be severe enough to cause death

– Patients with bone problems and pregnant women Because of the dangers of chitin’s work and chitosan on calcium absorption Until it may destroy bones or cause abnormalities in the growth of the child in the womb

– People with high fat levels or at risk of becoming obese Because fried insects are rich in energy. The fat from the frying oil is high. If eaten in large quantities Or eat it as a snack or as an appetizer. The amount you can eat may not be determined correctly. Until it causes you to eat too much. and risk of fat clogging the arteries and obesity

– Patients with kidney disease because the seasonings used to enhance the taste of fried insects It can be a lot of condiments that are high in sodium.