Vermicelli, fat or not fat Is it low in calories or higher than other lines?

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Vermicelli, fat or not fat Is it low in calories or higher than other lines?

in a gang of female friends when ordering noodles person ordering. It is often seen as a health keeper because many people believe. That vermicelli is made from mung beans. It is the type of food. That provides the least amount of energy. But many others go looking for information and find that vermicelli is actually the one that makes us fat. because it provides higher energy than other types of noodles

Therefore, is really higher than other noodles or not? Let’s compare with other types of noodles at ทางเข้า ufabet.

Compare each type of line. how much energy

  1. Vermicelli, small and large, in the same amount of 100 grams, will provide 150-220 calories of energy.
  2. Instant noodles, pure flour, may be added to the seasoning from the factory. Therefore causing the energy to go to 220-280 kilocalories
  3. Kanom Jeen noodles contain a lot of water. the same amount To have low energy at 80 kilocalories
  4. Konjac noodle, a true friend of people who want to lose weight. Because it provides only 10 kilocalories of energy and is full of high fiber. definitely shoot fluently
  5. Finally, vermicelli in the amount of 100 grams provides up to 330 kilocalories of energy.

but the weight of “Raw vermicelli” raw is light because it has not been blanched to make the vermicelli soak in water . It will provide low energy. It is similar to Kanom Jeen which contains a lot of water as well. That’s just 60-80 kilocalories of energy. 

Like rice, if it is dry rice, it gives 370 kilocalories of energy if it is cooked rice in the same weight. It provides only 120 kilocalories of energy.

Dried pasta provides 350 kcal of energy if boiled until absorbed. It provides only 130 kilocalories of energy in the same 100 grams.

Including raw noodles that provides up to 364 kilocalories of energy in 100 grams of weight, but when boiled Scalded until soaked in water Therefore giving energy per 100 grams at 150-220 kilocalories.

And, of course, no one eats vermicelli raw, so remains a true friend for young people who are controlling their weight. There is no change.