Arsenal 3-2 Manchester United: Picking up 5 issues after the Premier League

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Arsenal 3-2 Manchester United: Picking up 5 issues. After the Premier League game. The Red Devils defeated the Gunners last night.

hot game of the week

This game must be said to be another match. That is worth those who are willing to sleep and wait to see it. Because it’s not just that we’ve seen 5 goals in this game. But there is a matter of timing, flair, game solving, as well as the potential of many players. Both good and bad, to see each other in full view, with Man United invading first from Rash’s beautiful long-range shot. Regular Ford, before Nketiah. Who came to strike the equalizer for the team to succe Even in the second half. Arsenal had a good turnaround and took a 2-1 lead thanks to Saka’s superb long-range shot. Before Lisandro Martinez smashed an orange ball in front of the goal to make it 2-. 2 games, pretending to end with points. But then at the last minute, “Thierry” Nketiah stood right at the time when the ball was poked into the net as the winning goal for Arsenal to continue to fly single-handedly as the leader of the crowd. finally proud

Casemiro: Don’t get sick, don’t die.

It seems that what many Manchester United fans fear has come true. The absence of key midfield star Casemiro, who is suspended, will cause the team to lose momentum. Which I must say is really so, because Scott McTominay. Who came down to act as a replacement. Can call as if he had come down to complete 11 people, so he had almost no role in the creation of the game. of the team, losing the ball easily, playing the ball without vision And that makes the middle of Manchester United a disadvantage against Arsenal with a bold, bold attacker. Which is sympathetic to Scotty, who abandoned the field for a long time when he had the opportunity to become a joker. But that has shown that Casemiro, from now on, do not get hurt, do not get sick, even if you go to the hospital, you must lead the saline line to enter the field only!

Two good-blooded football stars show good form

In this game, two English offensive teams from both teams have to say. That they are outstanding, both Marcus Rashford. Who carries the Red Devils attacking game on his shoulders and creates a beautiful goal, hitting the full curve of the ball, beautifully hitting the post. While the Arsenal side is not inferior to Bukayo Saka, who today dragged along with a long shot into the corner, equally beautiful In this game, both of them were almost able to score many more times, but unfortunately only almost.

The Ten Hag approach has started to leak.

that the approach of Eric Ten Hag is referring to the Dutch boss. Decide to focus on all the competitions playing with the best players ever. Which has made the performance of the great until now. But it has started to have a negative effect where the fatigue of the main players began to ask for Observed from the past two games, including this game Including the game against Crystal Palace in the second half, the strength began to pay off. The power to chase Bobby began to disappear, and Ten Hag himself didn’t seem to trust the reserve football very much. Can seen from solving the game In a game where the tempo of the game is tight. He won’t change any tactics unless the team is at a real disadvantage. Bie Tan But it was just sent down during overtime. So it was already too late

Manchester United, the artillery prevalence program, encounter continuous hard work

From 3 points in this game. Arsenal still held the crowd firmly, leaving Manchester City in 2nd place by 5 points. But the artillery still play less than 1 game while Man United fell to 4th place. 39 points, equal to Newcastle. But the goal difference is second – losing and 11 points behind the crowd, and the Red Devils play more than 1 game, with

the next match program for both Arsenal pairs skipping to the weekend. Next up is a tough FA Cup fourth-round trip to Manchester City. While United play the first leg of their Carabao Cup semi-final on Wednesday. with Nottingham Forest. Before meeting Reading in the FA Cup at the weekend and returning to play the Carabao Cup quarter-final second leg in the middle of the following week. It can said that if Ten Hag does not rotate. Some people will definitely pass out on the field.