Grade the player Arsenal Man United, Premier League game

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Grade the player Arsenal Man United, Premier League game big match, artillery wins 3-2.


Aaron Ramsdale – 6/10
There were some nice saves, especially Rashford’s shot in the second half. But came to miss cutting the ball without breaking, causing the team to lose the goal

Ben White – 5/10
There was a clear problem in dealing with Marcus Rashford, and also seemed to have problems concentrating until he hit the ball and Had to be substituted immediately at half time

William Salila – 7/10
The game served well. supporting as the last checkpoint There are important interceptions that can help the team many times

Gabriel Magalhaes – 7/10
The defense game is quite accurate. Always involved in the offensive game, having to keep pushing high to help the ball in the middle of the field

Oleksandr Zinchenko – 7/10
Always coming up against the ball in the opponent’s territory. Keep closing in the middle to help pack games in the middle of the field often

Thomas Partey – 7/10 Keeps
the game in midfield well. Plays a role in having good interplay and smoothness in the middle of the field. There is a chance to cut the ball to help the team many times. Keeping the game in the top zone, getting 1 assist from allowing Nketiah to strike the first goal into

Martin Erdegaard – 6/10
Acting on the ball in front of the penalty area. There are some chances to finish, but still not good enough.

Bukayo Saka – 8/10
Outstanding on the right flank. Dragging and eating well, scored 1 goal from a beautiful long shot and almost did it again, but the ball hit the post

Eddie Nketiah 8/10
found a great finishing area. Along with scoring 2 important goals, helping the team finally get 3 points at home

Gabriel Martinelli – 6/10 Stationed
on the left flank. But today, almost unable to beat Wan-Bissaka at all, giving almost no chance to create as many games as it should.

Manchester United

David De Gea – 7/10
Trying to save and help the team to the fullest. There was a stroke that had to be exerted many times. As for each ball that was hit, it was too difficult for my heart to bear.

Aaron Wan Bissaka – 7/10
outstanding defensive role There were many beautiful interceptions, dealing with Martinelli well, but the offensive game was not involved at all.

Raphael Varane – 7/10 Had
a hard time dealing with the mobility of the offensive line, the artillery, but overall it was up to standard. There is no mistake in a duel.

Lisandro Martinez – 8/10
Outstanding role in defense Has a beautiful rhythm to help the team many times He was also the one who tackled the equalizer for the team in the second half as well.

Luke Shaw – 6/10
didn’t cope well with Bukayo Saka. Focusing on supporting the space for Saka to do too much throughout the game

Scott McTominay – 5/10
Barely played in midfield. Can only support the defensive game and cut the game in front of the penalty area, but is not very good, easily loses the ball, can’t change the rhythm of the game

Christian Eriksen – 6/10
Always coming down to help out in front of the penalty area is not his specialty. But still enough to help block some important strokes

Anthony – 6/10
Played with the ball on the right for a while. But today I can’t do anything as much as I should. It’s easy to lose the ball.

Bruno Fernandes – 7/10
Diligent chasing the ball, chasing high in midfield, got 1 assist this game. But still not helping the team much in the offensive game

Marcus Rashford – 8/10
The team’s biggest hope in this game. Use your agility and sharpness to open the door for your team. and enough to create some more opportunities But in the second half, it was evident that the force had dropped considerably.