Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea: Collecting issues after the Premier League game

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Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea: Collecting issues after the Premier League game.

The game is close but makes me sleepy.

The results that came out 0-0 in this match already implied that the performances of both of them did not look much different. Because in this game, although playing at home, it seems that Liverpool is not the superior side, instead it is Chelsea, who even finds a rhythm to win water. Unfortunately, Havertz’s shot was offside, however, the Reds gradually got better, especially at the beginning of the second half, which pressed the Blues to stay in their own territory. Even the visiting team changed the game solver, so they came back to make the game close again. But stuck where most of the balls fight in the middle of the field Finding opportunities to finish, not many opportunities to enter And each side shot the bird and fished enough. Until the game finally ended in a dull, scoreless draw.

Starting at Mudrik

One of the highlights on the Chelsea side in this game is his debut as a substitute for Mikeylo Mudric, a 22-year-old Ukrainian winger. Who joine the team for a total fee of 100 million euros. Which must Said That the work was quite interesting. Because he could instantly change the left attacking game to look more lively has speed. Agility Plus, there’s also the opportunity to show a single drag, dodge 2, go in and shoot as well. In addition, it was able to find the area so well that there was almost a chance to shoot many times, but still stuck at the last moment, it was still too lacking, believing that if there was time to adjust, including the main body of the team coming back together, probably not This young man could be the new Eden Hazard of the team.

Gakpo began to question.

It is true that the Dutch striker has just moved in and will need time to adjust. But he really couldn’t help thinking because in all 3-4 games he was on the field as the real one for the team. Having said that, he still can’t impress as well as he should. It’s easy to see from this game that he’s the one who has the most chance to shoot the team. But I don’t know if with dwindling confidence or for whatever reason, instead of shooting in the wrong form, the kind that is not exciting at all, causing some Reds fans to start to fear that he will become “New Ryan Bable ” or not ?

The next match program for both teams

As a result of the draw in this game, the Chelsea side has not moved to change the rankings. By still holding firmly in 10th place. But beaten by Aston Villa today. Southampton has come down to 1 point. While Liverpool itself, with 29 points, is still not far away, ranked 8th. There are 10 points away from the top 4 zone together with the next game program next weekend. Last week, while Chelsea will rest. Because they have eliminate earlier. 

But I have to say that it’s worrying for both teams because they still can’t recall good form, but important programs like the UEFA Champions League. Will come back to play in the last 16 teams in the middle of next month, with Chelsea meeting Dortmund and Liverpool meeting rivals like Real Madrid. Tell me that the Lions Navy Blue is still enough to rub, but the Reds If it’s still in this condition, it’s going to be difficult to survive!