Potter opens up after guiding Chelsea to a point split from Liverpool to Anfield

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Potter opens up after guiding Chelsea to a point split from Liverpool to Anfield.

Chelsea manager Graham Potter admitted he was please with Liverpool 0-0 draw at Anfield on Saturday night. In the past.

The Reds and the Blues become two teams. That are facing serious problems in terms of players and performances this season. Causing the pair to fall into the middle of the table. Before orbiting to meet on Merseyside in the latest game

However, the two teams were unable to do anything during the 90 minutes, leading to a 0-0 draw, with Graham Potter admitting he was pleased with the one point he earned against a strong home side. like Liverpool

“We are happy with the performance of the team, with the energy, spirit and responsibility we have. It’s not easy coming here. Because of the quality of Liverpool playing at Anfield.

“I am extremely proud and excited to represent Chelsea Football Club. This is an amazing football club. I’m so excited to join forces with the new owners of Chelsea And I look forward to talking and working with this exciting group of players. To develop a team and a culture that our amazing fans can be proud of. for giving me this opportunity And especially to Tony Bloom, all the players, staff and fans for their continued support throughout my time at the club.”

Potter became the first official manager in the era of Todd Bohli, the new Chelsea owner. Who took over from Roman Abramovich, believing that Potter’s appointment was “a very important decision”. Part of a long-term plan for player development that exists within the club.