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“Celery juice” and its benefits and disadvantages 

“Celery juice” or freshly squeezed celery juice is popular among all health lovers right now. It has been recommended over and over and advertised as a health drink with low energy content. and high in nutrients Therefore, it is popular for people who are losing weight. But although it is very useful There

5 serious diseases from improper “eating habits”

Did you know that your eating habits affect your body’s functioning more than you think? But choosing the type of food It may cause the body to function very well. Or it may increase the risk of causing serious disease without realizing it. 5 serious diseases from inappropriate ” eating habits “ Therefore, you should

Exercise not recommend for pregnant women

Exercise not recommend for pregnant women 1. run I want you to stop running for now. Because the size of the stomach and chest size may obstacle to running. In addition, the impact. While running may cause the body to be affected. Importantly, there may still be an accident